A magazine is a periodical publication which is printed in gloss-coated and matte paper.


Graphic design is a beautiful communication way through the visual look including the photos, text, and illustrations.


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Another significant advantage of a printer is the long list of features certain models include. Besides printing documents and photos, some printers can also scan, fax and make copies. This means that a computer printer may actually replace several different machines, reducing clutter and streamlining a home office.

Spectrum Printers


Spectrum Printers is a premier, custom print shop, proudly serving for years, from business cards to brochures & bulletins.

Great Flexibility

With production printers, you are in control of your destiny.

More Productivity

By nature, production printers get more work done faster than a standard printer or MFP.

High Image Quality

Great things come in big packages, including the fact that these large machines provide outputs with stunning image quality.

Better Compliance & Control

Bringing a production printer in-house means you will not have to worry about leaking confidential employee or customer information.

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We recommend that you base your printer choice on the volume and frequency of output. In simple terms, if you are printing lots of documents on a regular basis, it would be beneficial to invest in a more expensive, heavy-duty machine. If on the other hand, you will be printing lower volumes on an occasional basis, then a smaller, more affordable machine should be absolutely fine. 

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